Trident adds two new additions to its range this month: Sweet Kicks chocolate mint gum and Fresh mouth-watering gum, available in ’oooh peppermint’, ’aahh spearmint’ and ’coool lemon’ flavours.

According to Cadbury, Trident has increased its share of the worldwide gum market from 2% to 26% in six years, and is now the number one gum brand in the world.

The new flavours are the company’s biggest confectionery launch in five years, and offer either an indulgent or refreshing experience, depending on what customers are looking for. They all come in a nine-piece pack with a rrp of 50p.

The launches are backed by Trident’s £10m 2008 ad and marketing campaign, which includes TV, sampling and digital media, all using the ’Mess With Your Head’ campaign idea. They are available from July 14.

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