Walkers Cheese & Onion

Walkers is introducing a new look across its core range of crisps, adding a splash of humour to tie in with its latest campaign: When life gives you potatoes, make crisps.

Fernando Kahane, marketing director Walkers Snacks at PepsiCo, explains: “Unbeatable quality has always remained at the heart of everything we do at Walkers. We harvest only the finest potatoes from over 80 farms around Britain and this is something we want to share with consumers. We understand that provenance and brand responsibility is very important to them. The new packs will feature a QR code which will link through to the Walkers website, where people can find out more about how we care for our spuds and the planet.

“This fresh new look for Walkers forms part of our wider brand ambition to drive greater purpose. The launch of our new brand campaign is centred on inspiring the nation to turn everyday life adversities with a bite of levity and positivity.”