Willy Wonka has been hard at work coming up with three new chocolate bars.

Impulse bars of Wonka millionaire’s shortbread (36g) and chocolate nice cream (37g) are in stores now, both with a rrp of 60p. These two plus a third flavour (créme brûlée) will be available in 100g blocks from later this month, rrp £1.29. The bars contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are made from 100% sustainably sourced cocoa.

The launch will be supported by a £3.6m media campaign which aims to bring the spirit of Willy Wonka to life in a "new and distinctive" way. There will be two TV commercials, digital advertising as well as in-store activity.

To maximise sales, retailers are advised to stock up quickly and site Wonka bars on the main fixture within the ’pleasure’ need state, ideally next to Aero chocolate bars.

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