MFG Walmer

Our mystery motorist on a mission visits MFG Walmer in Kent

MFG Walmer, Kent

Time of visit: 2.30pm

Kerb appeal

The forecourt is easy to locate thanks to its bold red Esso branding.

The pole sign highlights several brands including Synergy premium fuel,

Greggs, Londis and Costa Express.

Pump action

All the pumps are working. I filled up with Esso’s premium Synergy petrol and noticed

that even though this was a lot more expensive than their standard unleaded, it was still

pit stop 6

cheaper than the diesel!

Store style

Looking front-on to the shop building, you have a Greggs to the left with a separate entrance then the main Londis store to the right.

Despite the Greggs next door, there was a good food-to-go offer in-store including an eye-catching Calippo slush machine, F’Real milkshakes, Costa Express, Dunkin’ Donuts, Rollover hot dogs and Swan Bakery.

Meal deals were available including a specific Breakfast Deal. The lunch deal was £4.49 but also available was a cheaper £2.99 deal where you got a Ginsters slice and a drink.

There was also an impressive energy/protein bar display.

There were offers across the store including one in the chiller for two Jacks pizzas for £6, which represented a saving of £1. However, some shelving flagged up Special Offers but I couldn’t see any prices.

On a mission

I visited the site for its car wash, which is described as a state-of-the-art soft-brush M’Mex22 from Istobal. In the shop, I was told I could pay there or use the contactless payment on the way into the car wash. I opted for the ‘total’ experience ie to pay at the entrance to the car wash. You drive round past the Greggs to get to the car wash and as I approached I thought there might be a problem. The car wash unit seemed to be filled with water and there were two young men near the entrance, talking and gesticulating.

I stopped short of the car wash to speak to them. They apologised profusely and said the car wash was flooded. My visit was on a Sunday and they hoped the engineer would come out the next day ie Monday.

They were lovely lads and I had quite a chat with them. “No” they said this had never happened before. “Yes” they said the car wash was usually very busy (apparently it’s the only one in the town). One of them told me (and probably shouldn’t have) that the car wash was sometimes so busy that it meant the supply of water to the Greggs for coffee was interrupted!

After our chat, I drove through the water in the car wash and went on my way, in my dirty car. On the way out I spotted signage for their Car Wash Club where you get every fourth wash free. If only!

There was a jet wash facility that was in use during my visit. It looked impressive.

Anything else:

I desperately needed the loo but unfortunately it was out of order.

I have to say that despite the car wash not working, it is a great site and the staff, in particular, are a credit to the business.

Thumbs up:



In-store offers

Thumbs down:

Flooded car wash

Out-of-order toilet