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    The best of both


    A recent visit to the Hammond Group’s stunning Three Elm site in Tonbridge, Kent, filled with Co-op-branded products, prompted further investigation into the Southern Co-op’s Welcome franchise. I am greeted by a familiar face franchise business manager Mike Fitton (pictured above), who has long experience working with independent forecourt retailers ...

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    Symbols of success


    While talking about the Londis brand’s 60th birthday earlier this year, Martin Swadling, Londis brand director, revealed that 49% of its retail stores are in the forecourt sector. The estate is a mixture of independent retailers and groups, but a huge chunk belongs to number one Top 50 Indie, MFG. ...

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    Nisa launches World Food promotional event


    A new promotional event is being launched for Nisa retailers to help them tap into the popularity of the world food category. Following on from a series of events focusing on particular food types including Chinese, Indian, Italian and Mexican, Nisa is this month hosting a “whatever you fancy” event ...

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    The cable guys


    The size of the prize when it comes to the gadgets and gizmos category for forecourt retailers is huge, according to Craig Walker, operations director at Fifo. "Our top stores can turn over up to £1,000 per month in accessories alone," he says. There’s no surprise when it comes to ...

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    Pet potential


    Today in the UK, 13 million households have a pet. Our pet population includes nine million dogs, eight million cats, 900,000 rabbits, 400,000 snakes and lizards, and 100,000 rats. Most owners will no doubt shop at specialist stores such as Pets at Home or buy their petcare items along with ...

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    Brand leaders


    You’re on a long journey on the motorway, with one eye on the fuel gauge and another on the clock to see whether it’s time for a break. A sign comes up saying ’Services ahead’ but it says M&S Simply Food and McDonald’s and you wanted Waitrose, while the kids ...

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    product news: new Walkers van sales operation planned


    PepsiCo UK will establish a new van sales operation to deliver Walkers snack products direct to independent retailers, foodservice operators and the licensed trade. This follows the announcement that Palmer and Harvey has gone into administration and will therefore no longer be providing a direct-to-store service. The new operation will ...

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    product news: Spar supports charity with festive sandwiches


    Spar UK is raising funds for Marie Curie this Christmas, with the launch of a limited edition festive sandwich range. Spar’s Turkey Feast sandwich, stuffed with popular Christmas fillings including turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, will return this year. Also launching this year is a vegetarian festive sandwich, Wensleydale and ...

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    product news: Bidfood introduces health conscious desserts


    Foodservice supplier Bidfood has launched Better 4 Me, a new dessert range that caters for health-conscious consumers and the increasing demand for vegan and free-from food options. Better 4 Me features a selection of desserts under 300 calories (per portion), a range of vegan tarts and a gluten free Chocolate ...

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    Best-One in town


    At the start of the year, Certas Energy reached agreement with Bestway Wholesale to be a preferred retail partner across its independent Gulf and Pace-branded sites. Six months before that, Top 50 Indie, Park Garage Group, also allied itself with Bestway Wholesale by signing an exclusive distribution agreement. So why ...

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    product news: best-one showing "strong growth"


    Bestway Wholesale’s new own–label offer best-one has posted strong growth in its first weeks in the market. Bestway says initial tracking of the launch products has seen overall growth against the previous Best-in brand of 26% in value and 40% in volume sales in the initial two-week period since launching ...

  • Inquiry into Booker/Tesco deal expanded

    Inquiry into Booker/Tesco deal expanded


    The proposed merger between Tesco and Booker, which supplies the Premier, Londis and Budgens brands, is being referred for an in-depth, phase 2 investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The CMA opened its phase 1 investigation into the merger in May. At the end of June, the companies ...

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    Product news: Bestway relaunches own-label brand


    Independent wholesaler, Bestway Wholesale, is relaunching its retail own-label offer this summer, repositioning the label in light of the evolution in the own-label market. The current Best-in range, which encompasses over 500 products across ambient and chilled grocery, will be phased out over the coming months and will be replaced ...

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    The name attraction


    Filling up your car with fuel has got to be one of the dullest chores going. Distractions are there with pump-top offers, advertising on pump handles and sometimes, if you’re lucky, digital screens with messaging, but that’s about it. However, across the pond in North-east Ohio, drivers will soon be ...

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    Pump up the profits


    Pump-top promotions are great for taking a customer’s attention away from the high price of the fuel they’re pumping and onto a value-for-money product that they just can’t live without. Okay, that last part might be pushing the point a bit too much, but there’s no doubting these promotional items ...

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    Brand watch


    Unaffiliated independents still make up the lion’s share of the convenience store market but the gap is quickly closing with symbol stores snapping at their heels. Many of those symbol names can be found on forecourt sites, particularly as many of these groups now have dedicated forecourt teams. Bestway is ...

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    Direct target


    As symbol brands continue to penetrate the forecourt shop offer nationwide, another brand is throwing its hat into the ring with a committed programme to increase its forecourt count by 250 by the end of 2017. Paul Courtney is the man tasked to spearhead the campaign on behalf of Bestway ...

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    Brand equity


    Love it or loathe it, Apple is the most valuable brand in the world. According to Forbes, it’s worth more than $145bn. The brand’s popularity is staggering, with consumers clammering to get hold of the new Apple watch or the latest iPhone or iPad. The fact that we’re in the ...

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    Londis forms new team for forecourts


    Londis has recognised the importance of forecourts and their differences to standalone convenience stores by forming a new forecourt retail team. The team’s aim is to make Londis best-in-class for forecourts. The move was announced at the symbol group’s conference, which was recently held in London. Other changes announced included ...

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    Cutting costs


    The January slump: a financial trough following the Christmas spike. So, times are quiet and money scarce. What better time to plan to save money on your overheads? Some of the energy reduction costs you can make will cost you nothing and others, which will require a bit of investment, ...