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    Product news: Bestway relaunches own-label brand


    Independent wholesaler, Bestway Wholesale, is relaunching its retail own-label offer this summer, repositioning the label in light of the evolution in the own-label market. The current Best-in range, which encompasses over 500 products across ambient and chilled grocery, will be phased out over the coming months and will be ...

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    The name attraction


    Filling up your car with fuel has got to be one of the dullest chores going. Distractions are there with pump-top offers, advertising on pump handles and sometimes, if you’re lucky, digital screens with messaging, but that’s about it. However, across the pond in North-east Ohio, drivers will soon be ...

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    Pump up the profits


    Pump-top promotions are great for taking a customer’s attention away from the high price of the fuel they’re pumping and onto a value-for-money product that they just can’t live without. Okay, that last part might be pushing the point a bit too much, but there’s no doubting these promotional items ...

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    Brand watch


    Unaffiliated independents still make up the lion’s share of the convenience store market but the gap is quickly closing with symbol stores snapping at their heels. Many of those symbol names can be found on forecourt sites, particularly as many of these groups now have dedicated forecourt teams. Bestway ...

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    Direct target


    As symbol brands continue to penetrate the forecourt shop offer nationwide, another brand is throwing its hat into the ring with a committed programme to increase its forecourt count by 250 by the end of 2017. Paul Courtney is the man tasked to spearhead the campaign on behalf of Bestway ...

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    Brand equity


    Love it or loathe it, Apple is the most valuable brand in the world. According to Forbes, it’s worth more than $145bn. The brand’s popularity is staggering, with consumers clammering to get hold of the new Apple watch or the latest iPhone or iPad. The fact that we’re in the ...

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    Londis forms new team for forecourts


    Londis has recognised the importance of forecourts and their differences to standalone convenience stores by forming a new forecourt retail team. The team’s aim is to make Londis best-in-class for forecourts. The move was announced at the symbol group’s conference, which was recently held in London. Other ...

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    Cutting costs


    The January slump: a financial trough following the Christmas spike. So, times are quiet and money scarce. What better time to plan to save money on your overheads? Some of the energy reduction costs you can make will cost you nothing and others, which will require a bit of ...

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    Join our club


    When Shan Sandanarajah bought Woodham Services in Newton Aycliffe in County Durham in 2009, he was using Booker and thought the 450sq ft store was too small to become affiliated to a symbol. However, he was persuaded to join one of the other groups in 2010, but it didn’t go ...

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    Right on track


    Manchester’s EventCity was buzzing last month as hundreds of retailers attending the Costcutter Expo were given an update on the retailer’s transition from Nisa to Palmer and Harvey as its major supplier, and The Buyco, the joint venture buying group announced last March. Costcutter Group’s chief executive officer Darcy ...

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    Brand alliances: Top marques


    Big brands bring footfall. That’s the view of Neil Giles, creative director at design consultants Circle. "The obvious success story in the UK is the M S tie-up with BP, which has revolutionised the idea of shopping at service stations, and in South Africa, Engen has a great tie-up with ...

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    Premier target


    Wholesale symbol group Premier is setting its sights on the forecourt sector with a new bespoke offer for petrol retailers. With 2,735 stores, Premier is the biggest symbol group in the UK, growing by 9% this year, following nine years of double-digit growth. It currently supplies just under 100 forecourt ...

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    Collection pointers


    Getting involved with the burgeoning online trade may not be an obvious consideration for forecourt retailers the business is, after all, geared around drivers on the go and convenience shopping. But just as those qualities such as opening hours and parking space lent themselves very nicely to the convenience ...