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    Duty deferment: A sense of duty


    As you may now be aware, there is a scheme for retailers to buy oil under duty-deferred terms from suppliers’ terminals. Using the ’standard’ deferment scheme, the price of the oil is invoiced by the supplier but without the duty and VAT being charged to the retailer. Instead, the duty ...

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    BOSS: Payback time


    BOSS, the British Oil Security Syndicate, has welcomed confirmation from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that it has issued new guidance to lawyers and police forces to prosecute motorists who repeatedly claim to have no-means-of-payment (NMoP). After lobbying from BOSS, the CPS has issued new legal guidelines to police ...

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    Time for feedback


    A new study looking at the attitudes of fuel customers and why they choose particular brands, has underlined the growing dominance of the supermarkets. Customer intelligence specialist Market Force Information, surveyed more than 1,500 consumers across the UK in an effort to understand the choices made when purchasing fuel. The ...

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    Reports hit the flaw


    The findings of January’s Office of Fair Trading (OFT) report on the UK road fuel market have been seriously undermined by the revised market share figures for supermarkets released by the government (see panel). They show that the supermarkets have a far higher share of the UK road fuels market ...

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    Change on the cards


    The news that the European Commission is to introduce limits on the charges retailers pay for processing credit card and debit card payments has been welcomed by the PRA, but chairman Brian Madderson said a lot more still needs to be done to address problems in this area. The ...

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    Refining the cost of fuel


    Two major reports in the past month have looked at road fuels and the motoring sector from very different perspectives, but both have highlighted the cost of fuel and taxation. At one end of the spectrum, the Statistical Review 2013 of the UKPIA (United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association) covers the ...

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    Spotlight on pricing


    Many in the trade have welcomed the decision by the European Commission (EC) to launch an investigation into oil price fixing, especially after the disappointment caused by the OFT’s refusal to sanction a probe into the UK road fuel market just weeks earlier. And, as the issue in question appears ...

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    Positive outlook


    There are plenty of positive things happening in the market for independent dealers. That was the message from Experian Catalist’s account manager, Arthur Renshaw, as he kicked off the Forecourt Spotlight session at this year’s Forecourt Show. "There’s an awful lot going on in the sector at moment," he said. ...

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    A sustainable case?


    The introduction of E10 fuel into the UK came a step closer this week as the finishing touches were applied to a public awareness campaign about it. No oil company has yet committed to introducing E10 into the UK, but when one does the campaign will swing into operation to ...

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    Freedom and flexibility


    Last month, leading fuel supplier Greenergy came good on its promise of a multi-format offer for independent dealers, with the announcement that it has added the Esso and Nisa brands to its portfolio. The Greenergy offer now combines fuel supply with a choice of oil major, convenience, independent and dealer ...

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    A missed opportunity


    After winning a long battle just to get the OFT to consider whether there were competition problems in the road fuel market, the outcome last week was a deep disappointment for the PRA, and the many other groups campaigning for a full investigation. Having provided a mass of information, including ...

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    Footfall offers hope


    The forecourt sector is facing a tough start to 2013, as it will be affected by the wider economy, but there will be trends and opportunities that could be turned to operators benefit. That’s the view of the industry at the start of the New Year. John Lynn, managing director ...

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    Autumn meltdown


    There’s been a great deal of activity in the run-up to this month’s Autumn Statement as various organisations plead their cases, with cancellation of January’s fuel duty rise at the top of the agenda. In an open letter to Minister for Business and Enterprise, Michael Fallon MP, PRA chairman Brian ...

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    News Extra: Station rationalisation


    Widespread economic uncertainty coupled with soaring oil prices has seen fuel consumption decline since 2008, leading international oil companies to review their service station portfolios across Europe and exit unprofitable sites, according to new analysis by CBRE, a property company which advises some of the world’s biggest oil companies on ...

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    Question time with Caroline Hobson


    Q Last month was the deadline for submissions to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) for its short inquiry into the petrol retailing sector. What happens now? A The OFT will now go away and review the submissions it has received, seek further information from industry players and ...

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    Pricing law threat


    The UK is not alone in suffering the effects of predatory pricing, where the biggest players in any market can use their huge financial muscle to decimate the livelihoods of the smaller ones and apparently get away with it. But while in the UK fuel-retailing sector the powers ...

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    Your industry needs you


    Retailers have until October 18 to respond to an Office of Fair Trading (OFT) questionnaire as part of its assessment of the UK petrol and diesel fuel sector to identify whether or not there are competition problems it can tackle. The Petrol Retailers’ Association (PRA) has been chasing for a ...

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    Rude awakening


    A new campaign from the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) and the Petrol Retailers’ Association (PRA) is giving motorists a much-needed wake-up call as it highlights the burden of excessive fuel taxes in a bid to raise pressure on the Treasury to cut fuel duty. More than 5,000 signs that show motorists ...

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    Must try harder


    Arather gloomy picture of how forecourt shoppers view the nation’s forecourts has been revealed in the latest Forecourt Report by leading sector wholesaler Palmer and Harvey. With a focus on ’understanding today and preparing for tomorrow’, the over-riding picture revealed in the report is "not an especially positive one", according ...

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    Supermarket sweep


    More than two thirds of UK motorists are more likely to refuel their cars at a supermarket petrol station than any other forecourt, according to new research by customer intelligence company Market Force. The poll of 9,000 UK motorists last month revealed that 68.2% of customers most frequently fill up ...