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    Clamping catastrophe


    When Kandasamy Nirmalan decided to make a stand against people using his London forecourt as a free car park he had no idea how much potential damage it would do to his business. But it resulted in a customer being ordered to pay £465, staging a sit-in and ...

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    Have your say


    With the future of the Petrol Retailers’ Association (PRA) under review, the organisation could be looking at its first major shake up in years. Last month PRA director Ray Holloway revealed in Forecourt Trader that the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF) was conducting a business review of all the eight ...

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    Ashes to ashes


    The government’s announcement on the tobacco display ban was met with shock and disbelief by the industry last month. Experts warned retailers they would end up shouldering the financial burden of a ’dark’ tobacco market, as well as having to deal with the other implications such as safety concerns in ...

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    Starting Over


    It’s only a matter of weeks since GNE Group announced it had completed the sale of its fuel retailing subsidiary, Petrol Express. But GNE isn’t a company to rest on its laurels - it’s already back on the acquisition trail and says it’s got £50m to invest in its business. ...

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    Easy does it...


    What US retailer John MacDougall doesn’t know about running forecourts probably isn’t worth knowing. For four decades the businessman has worked to build up his mini empire, weathering any economic storms as well as the harsh winters in upstate New York. After buying out his original two partners of ...

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    Card sharp


    A "huge sigh of relief" is how Petrol Retailers’ Assocation director, Ray Holloway, described the reaction around the dealer network to the recent Arval/BP agreement. He added: "It means Arval’s network of cards can be maintained. It’s a successful conclusion to the dispute and a step towards protecting a large ...

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    Playing the trump card


    Retailers got a nasty surprise in the post last month - a letter from BP announcing it was ending its agreement with Arval. And, according to some in the industry, the news also came as quite a shock to Arval. But will the fact that the UK’s biggest retail fuel ...

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    Crunch time


    If you’ve noticed your fuel sales are noticeably down on last year, you’re not alone. Retailers around the country are reporting a significant drop in volume - and those with sites in the north are seemingly the worst hit. With fuel prices hitting £1.19 for a litre of unleaded and ...

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    Would you credit it?


    Customers can no longer fill up at the pumps using their Arval fuel cards at Nuns’ Bridges Filling Station in Norfolk. Due to rising fuel costs pushing up the amount of commission he was paying, the site’s owner, Steve Jones, found he was running the service at a loss. But ...

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    Running on empty


    Gordon Brown met oil industry chiefs last week amid mounting pressure to act over spiralling fuel prices. The PM used the meeting in Scotland to warn that high oil prices were here to stay, and were not just a UK problem but part of global demand outstripping supply. The comments ...

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    Since the announcement last month about a raft of new proposals affecting the display and packaging of tobacco products as part of the Government’s Cancer Reform Strategy - particularly targeting teenage smokers - tobacco manufacturers and trade associations have been busy trying to rally the troops to fight back. And ...

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    Set in motion


    The Car Wash Campaign Group (CWCG) is urging retailers to contact their MPs regarding an Early Day Motion (EDM) tabled on the group’s behalf. Bob Russell, Liberal Democrat MP for Colchester, has tabled EDM 941 on unregulated car wash sites, which states: "That this House recognises the important role that ...

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    Commission cop-out


    Petrol retailer Paul Sykes probably sums up what most in the industry thought when they read the Competition Commission’s latest report on the UK grocery market. "It came as a disappointment - but not a surprise," says the Shaws Petroleum managing director. "It shows that they haven’t a clue about ...

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    More harm than good?


    Biofuels have hardly been out of the news recently, and just about everyone seems to have an opinion on whether they are our friend or our foe. One of the many groups joining the debate this month was The Royal Society - an independent academy promoting natural and applied sciences ...

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    Moving forward


    Aleef Garages is one of the biggest names in the UK independent forecourt retail sector, and few in the industry could have failed to spot the recent headlines about the company. In November, nine former Aleef employees, including three former directors, were jailed for their part in a major tax ...

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    ’Greavous’ harm


    As Shell continues its relentless cut-price fuel strategy, the rest of the petrol retailing industry continues to scratch its head in total disbelief. None more so than independent dealer Graham Greaves, who runs a third-generation family-run petrol forecourt and coach business - Henry Cooper, Lane End Garage in Annitsford, Northumberland ...

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    Bio logic


    The fuel industry is gearing up for its biggest change in recent years - and it’s all in an effort to go green. Last month MPs voted in favour of the government’s Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO), which aims to bring the UK into line with EU environmental targets. The ...

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    A Taxing Issue


    Filling up at the pumps has got a lot more painful recently. With the price of a litre of fuel topping the £1 mark at forecourts up and down the country, motorists’ hackles have been rising. Gordon Brown’s 2p tax hike has stirred up a real hornets’ nest, with industry ...

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    Taken for granted


    The number of petrol stations serving the motoring public has been falling for years but suddenly, it seems, the whole world is beginning to take an interest, with coverage in the national press and on TV and radio bemoaning the loss of the community forecourt. The latest figures from forecourt ...

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    Wash out


    This summer’s floods caused havoc at forecourts across the country - but it was when the water started to drain away that the real problems started. Some forecourt operators have been so badly hit they are expecting to be closed for weeks. For others, the repair work and insurance claims ...