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    What’s in store?


    This coming year will see the growing trend towards market consolidation, according to Adam Wadlow, partner at property specialist BarberWadlow. "Last year’s Rontec deal with Total was possibly the start of a general pattern," he said. "The sale of Motor Fuel Group was another case in point. In order to ...

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    Duty bound


    MPs voted unanimously last month to pass a motion demanding that the government puts the two fuel duty rises planned for next year on the back burner. The House of Commons backbench debate united all political parties with MPs calling on the government to consider the feasibility of ...

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    Welcome pledge


    DCC Energy has moved swiftly to reassure Total dealers about its commitment to their businesses, and a seamless transition once the acquisition from Rontec is completed. The initial, rather negative, reaction by Total dealers to the news that their contracts would be moving from Rontec to DCC, announced last month, ...

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    What’s going on?


    Last month many Total dealers were shocked to learn that contract completions permitting their supply arrangements will soon come under the control of a company many had never heard of. Their surprise although some had heard rumours followed the news release, issued on September 23, that DCC plc, ...

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    Tragedy on the streets


    Images of Dudley Road Service Station in Birmingham fenced off by Police cordon after three men were mown down and killed in front of the forecourt, hit home the tragic consequences of the violent disorder that spread across England last month. After the incident in the early hours of August ...

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    Onwards and upwards


    By all accounts Jet retailers in the south west have had nothing but praise for the service they have received from ConocoPhillips. That was until June, when they received notice that the company would no longer be able to supply and distribute transport fuels competitively to its ...

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    The deal is done


    When stories emerged earlier this year about Gerald Ronson being the lead bidder for the Total network, it took the industry by surprise. But even more surprising has been the emergence of Shell as the subsequent buyer of more than half of Total’s company-owned sites. Despite agreeing ...

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    Carry on complaining


    Retailers are again being urged to take action against what they perceive to be ’unfair’ or ’predatory’ pricing. Andrew Lawrence of Lawrences Garages, who chaired last month’s RMI Petrol meeting in Gatwick, West Sussex, said it was incumbent on everyone to write to their MPs where there were problems. ...

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    Poles apart


    Retailers are being urged to come forward with evidence of predatory pricing by supermarkets and oil companies as retailers’ fuel volumes continue to decline and margins are increasingly squeezed. Brian Madderson, chairman of RMI Petrol, has written to the government calling for an investigation into the unfair practices of both ...

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    Out of sight, out of mind?


    Retailers and trade associations have united in their disappointment that a tobacco display ban will go ahead in England despite any credible evidence that concealing gantries reduces smoking. The announcement by health secretary Andrew Lansley on March 9 has also been met with surprise. The Conservatives had previously suggested they ...

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    Movers and shakers


    Just as MRH was again named the UK’s number-one independent forecourt retailer in our 2011 Top 50 Indies listing, the company announced the sale of its commercial fuels distribution business Pace Fuelcare Ltd to GB Oils Ltd, a major operating subsidiary of Dublin-based DCC plc, and owner of ...

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    Ray of hope


    Chancellor George Osborne has given the forecourt industry and UK motorists a glimmer of hope by saying he is considering cancelling the fuel duty increase due to take effect in April. Following mounting pressure to rethink the 1ppl duty hike, which after the addition of VAT and inflation ...

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    2011 - here we come


    James Lowman,chief executive, ACS "Last year saw a change of government and 2011 will be about real policy change. Public sector cuts, the VAT rise and other budget reforms will start to bite, consumers will retrench, and forecourt retailers will not be immune from the effects. "Also as Councils are ...

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    Rates in check


    A 12-month battle over 2010 Business Rates, during which more than 2,000 fuel retailers lodged appeals, has resulted in some notable triumphs for the lobbying team led by RMI Petrol and, most importantly, for the industry. Almost a year to the day since Brian Madderson was made chairman ...

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    Cut to the quick


    With colossal job losses in the public sector and cuts in public spending, the government’s Spending Review announced by Chancellor George Osborne last month has sent shockwaves through the nation and forecourt operators are unlikely to ride the storm without a struggle. Next year is looking like it will be ...

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    Total withdrawal


    There have been many oil company comings and goings over the years, but Total’s announcement last month about its decision to sell up is unprecedented in terms of oil company exits from the UK. It will be the first time a traditionally-structured oil company with refinery, supply chain including ...

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    Re(de)fining the market


    When Murphy Oil recently announced plans to sell off its Milford Haven refinery in Wales along with the entire Murco network in the UK it caused more than a few ripples of concern in the industry, as yet another oil company was opting out of refining to ...

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    Retailers right on track


    Forecourts will evolve into a "showcase of brands", retailers at last month’s Top Indies Track Day were told. Speaking at the Forecourt Trader event at Prestwold Hall, Leicester, forecourt design guru Robert Onion revealed his vision of how sites may look in the future. He made his comments alongside ...

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    Troubled waters


    Global pressure on BP has shown no sign of easing after the catastrophic oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Angry protesters have been urging consumers in the US to boycott BP petrol stations, the oil company’s share price has taken a battering and chief executive Tony ...

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    The end of the road?


    At least 5% of UK petrol stations are at risk of closure in the next five years if the current valuation assessment system for Business Rates remains in place. A new report commissioned by RMI Petrol has warned that 435 sites are in a ’highly vulnerable’ position, with the organisation ...