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    The fuel faithful


    Investment in shops across the continent should sometimes be treated with caution, and retailers could encourage more convenient channels of quick payment for fuel-only customers. That’s the message from Datamonitor in its latest report: The Competitive Landscape in European Forecourt Convenience Retailing. "As margins on fuel have dropped, there has ...

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    Wash board


    This time last year the south east of England was in the grip of drought orders, with many petrol retailers fearing their car washes would be shut down - with dire consequences to their business. And while the current soggy weather couldn’t be more contrasting to that of 2006, certain ...

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    Crime by numbers


    Fuel buyers could be forgiven for feeling uneasy next time they hand over their plastic at the filling station. Last year 60% of the 250 credit card fraud ’hot spots’ in the UK were petrol forecourts, according to APACS, the UK payments association, and the problem was recently highlighted when ...

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    Fiasco fuels alarm


    Last month’s furore over contaminated fuel brought some unexpected good fortune to many independent retailers, with increases in fuel volumes of as much as 40% or more being reported by some sites. But that may not have been the only benefit. PRA director Ray Holloway believes the petrol retailing industry ...

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    Alive & kicking


    The UK forecourt sector is healthy, with independent operators leading the way, according to Arthur Renshaw, Catalist’s UK and Ireland sales manager, speaking at the Energy Institute’s inaugural Forecourt Strategies and Trends conference last month. With sites currently disappearing at the rate of about 300 a year - there were ...

  • Waiting game

    Waiting game


    News that Torex Retail plc was being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office, shortly after it had announced a dire profits warning followed by a suspension of share dealing, has sent shivers down the spines of the many forecourt operators who use the company’s retail systems. There are estimated to ...

  • Double take

    Double take


    Last year saw a steep rise in the number of oil company and grocery retailer partnerships, a trend that is undoubtedly going to continue into 2007, according to Greg Hodge, retail forecourt analyst at Planet Retail, in his latest report on the global forecourt market. "Oil companies across the globe ...

  • Get connected

    Get connected


    The idea of taking on a franchise is instinctively taboo for most independent retailers. But that is what’s on offer from BP as it deems the trial of its Connect and Wild Bean Café franchise - on two sites belonging to Motor Fuels Ltd - a success, and has put ...

  • Highly  charged

    Highly charged


    Exorbitant credit card charges are at the centre of the toughest battle being faced by retailers in the US, according to Hank Armour, president and CEO of the National Association of Convenience stores, which represents the US convenience and petroleum retailing industry. Appealing to retailer members to join the fight ...

  • Age  concern

    Age concern


    Unless you’ve had a very long holiday on a desert island, you will all know about a major tranche of age discrimination legislation which comes into force this month. It will mean, for example that, advertising for a ’mature’ person to do a job or someone with a specific amount ...

  • Poles Apart

    Poles Apart


    Two major oil companies, two major fuel-related launches on the same day. One rolls out a leading environmentalist. The other unleashes a Formula 1 car onto the streets of London. Their mission - to entice more customers onto their forecourts to sell them more fuel? Well, probably not in the ...

  • Squeezy Street

    Squeezy Street


    Why is Shell doing it? It’s the question on the lips of certain dealers having to operate within the vicinity of a cluster of Shell co-owned sites that, for some time, have been displaying fuel prices totally out of sync with other local forecourts. In these areas, while many forecourts ...

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    Emission impossible?


    After years of consultation, smaller sites have been given a reprieve as the government finalises new legislation to curb vapour emissions from petrol pumps. Final plans for implementing stage II vapour recovery - officially known as Petrol Vapour Recovery II - mean that service stations selling more than 3.5m litres ...

  • It’s a bore

    It’s a bore


    What could turn out to be the driest summer for 100 years has given many petrol retailers in the south east some sleepless nights. With car washing one of the three main profit centres of a petrol retailing business - alongside petrol and the forecourt shop - the merest hint ...

  • Pound of flesh

    Pound of flesh


    As BP’s Lord Browne warns motorists that filling up with petrol may soon cost £1-a-litre, diesel prices on some sites have already burst through the £1 barrier, leaving retailers to ponder the impact such prices may have on their businesses. Independent dealer Jonathan James said: "Around here we’re trying to ...

  • Be seen to be green

    Be seen to be green


    The pressure on fuel retailers to open their eyes to alternative fuels was squeezed a little harder last month when Morrisons announced the opening of the UK’s first bioethanol E85 fuel pump. The launch, on Morrisons’ site in Albion Way, Norwich, was timed to coincide with the first deliveries of ...

  • Fighting Talk

    Fighting Talk


    A bleak picture has been painted of the future for independent fuel retailers following the publication of a report by the All Party Parliamentary Small Shops Group, which says that many are "unlikely to survive" beyond 2015 unless the power of the mighty supermarkets is reined in. The ACS, however, ...

  • Pumping up shop sales

    Pumping up shop sales


    Fears that pay-at-pump technology could have a detrimental effect on forecourt shop sales have been dispelled in a new study by shopper research specialist HIM. The company interviewed 680 forecourt customers across 63 different sites at the end of 2005 and concluded that, in fact, the reverse could be true. ...

  • Buncefield Burner

    Buncefield Burner


    On a normal day the Buncefield depot (Hertfordshire Oil Storage Ltd) provides the UK with 5% of its road fuel. But in the early hours of Sunday, December 11, 2005, that all changed. An explosion, and subsequent fire which lasted four days, destroyed around 20 tanks holding three million gallons ...

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    Time for pay at pump


    There may still be teething problems, but now that the rollout of Chip PIN is well under way, a seminar last month suggested that it was time for forecourts to fully explore pay-at-pump technology. The question was raised at a ‘Chip PIN at the Pump’ seminar, ...