Adler and Allan has launched a flood defence system, which it says stops flood water getting in and prevents spills from polluting ground and water courses.

Called JBaR, it is designed to protect sites that store oil and other hazardous materials, such as utility compounds, substations, external plant and associated structures.

Developed initially to deal with oil containment JBaR, featuring an integrated sump, is a dual-purpose product, which can retain and/or withstand fluids from either side.

Not only does the system prevent water from getting in; it prevents any hazardous substances getting out, further safeguarding the surrounding environment. Alan Scrafton, of Adler and Allan, explained: "With this winter forecasted to be the wettest in 30 years, businesses need to prioritise the threat of flooding by putting in place the necessary measures to protect their valuable assets.

"JBaR will enable firms to provide a reliable means of preventing damage from water and the additional spill risk that hazardous substances pose. Businesses can face hefty fines for pollution incidents; installing JBaR is a means of safeguarding assets and a company’s reputation."

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