Out of home advertising company Admedia has announced the fourth phase of the roll-out of Admedia Nexus – the full motion D-48 screen network across leading motorway service areas.

By the end of March, Admedia Nexus will have increased from 30 to 50 sites. The network originally connected Britain’s top 20 conurbations, and with the upcoming expansion the network of 50 sites will connect the top 50 conurbations across Britain.

In its announcement Admedia said the timing of the expansion of the network would allow advertisers to take advantage of the increase of motorists travelling across Britain and stopping at motorway service areas during the Easter period.

Phil Daniel, Admedia’s managing director of sales and marketing, commented: “We are thrilled to quickly react to market demand and expand the Admedia Nexus network even further to cover off the UK’s top 50 conurbations through motorway service areas.

“Thanks to more and more in-depth audience research we have been able to grow the diversity of our client portfolio and have seen brilliant campaigns utilise the full technical capabilities of our dynamic full-motion network.”

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