GO, part of Northern Irish LCC Group, is this month due to open its second fully-automated site, at Belfast Road, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim.

The new site follows the successful opening of LCC’s first GO pay@pump site in Cookstown in August 2008. The company said Go’s philosophy was to offer "competitive pricing along with convenience and time efficiency", adding that drive-offs had been eliminated. As with Cookstown, the 24-hour site will be run solely by pay@pump technology provided by HTEC.

LCC marketing manager, Lynn Barker, said: "The site is fully automated which means there’s no requirement for it to be manned or have an adjoining shop. Although this is an unusual system for Northern Ireland, it’s very simple to use and has the advantage of reducing the station’s overheads. This translates into competitive fuel prices for our customers and, given the current climate, we felt it was the right time to introduce another site of this nature.

"The forecourt format is very easy to use customers simply drive to a pump where they’ll be prompted to insert a credit or debit card, enter their PIN number, fill their tank, replace the nozzle, collect the receipt and drive off."

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