Shell Fradley in Staffordshire and Shell Birchington in Kent have become the latest two forecourts to introduce Autogas LPG. And with the fuel duty debate raging, Autogas is championing more affordable motoring by reminding drivers and businesses how much money they could save by converting to LPG.

Paul Oxford, business development manager at Autogas, said: "Hard-hit motorists could save a small fortune on their car fuel bills for the long-term just by converting to LPG. The economic squeeze and high fuel prices are changing how people behave towards their cars. However, the simple truth is that cheap motoring is possible. Typically LPG users enjoy annual savings of up to 40% in their fuel costs, which puts the 3p fuel duty debate into perspective."

Oxford points out that LPG is nearly less than half the price of unleaded, adding that a driver covering just 12,000 miles a year (with an average fuel consumption of 40mpg) can enjoy annual fuel savings of around £600 against petrol when using LPG. According to Autogas, it is estimated that by 2020 there will be almost 23 million vehicles worldwide running on LPG and there are currently more than seven million vehicles running on LPG in Europe.

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