utogas has started an asset renewal programme of its pumps and dispensers across its 225-strong network. The move comes as part of a £1m investment programme linked to rebranding Autogas across its network.

General manager Linda Gomersall said: "We were carrying out the re-branding so it made sense to carry out the renewal at the same time, replacing equipment with newer pumps and nozzles."

Bill Blower, engineering health and safety manager, said most Autogas sites previously had Gas Guard nozzles, with a smaller number of the De Visser nozzles, but customer feedback showed that they preferred the De Visser-style nozzles, so these were now being installed along with new Wayne LPG dispensers.

The pumps and nozzles were supplied by Wayne Fueling Systems. Søren Powell-Holse, technology sales director of Europe, commented: "We are delighted to assist Autogas and pleased that they feel we have a good product, and have moved to us from another supplier."

He said that while there were a number of different LPG nozzles on the market, more and more sites were changing over to De Visser nozzles.The first site to undergo the rebranding is the Shell filling station at Stirling Corner in Barnet, north London.

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