Bever Innovations has completed the next phase in developing its EOS LED forecourt lighting fixtures.

Last summer the company tested the latest LED luminaires with EOS technology, at De Gouwe Shell Station in Noordgouwe, in the Netherlands. Director, Jeannot Bruggeling said the results showed that EOS technology incorporated into the LED luminaires is ready for worldwide use: "Using our EOS technology enables our fixtures not only to communicate with one another wirelessly, but also to connect with other technological devices at a petrol station. This was demonstrated in the testing. The site operator is quickly given an overview of the activity at his station."

The on-site tests also revealed how the luminaires function when customers start refuelling. When the nozzle is picked up, this is automatically and wirelessly communicated to the lighting system. The EOS system then ensures that the best light output is given to enhance safety while refuelling.

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