Low Energy Designs is helping retailers save up to 75% on energy costs with the installation of its LED canopy lighting. Avril Reid has replaced 12 x 250w discharge lamps with eight LED fittings at her forecourt in Ballygowan, County Down, saving a third of the original running costs and reducing the energy consumption from 4,717kw per annum to 1,193kw per annum a total saving of 75%. Her forecourt in Comber site has

also saved 65% in energy costs with 12 SR10 110w lamps, reducing the carbon footprint from 2,533 tons to 961. Both sites are also achieving better CCTV images with the cleaner and fresher lighting solution.


Meanwhile, Centra-branded Glenshane Tourist Services has saved 65% on energy costs by replacing 12 x 250W metal halide lights with nine x 110W LED SunRay10 lamps.


Paul Dorrity, who runs the site, said: "LED fittings produce the right amount of light when and where you want it. No ramp-up times as with discharge lighting. CCTV images are better and there is no light polution into the surrounding areas." Paul adds that there is no maintenence factor to consider because the life expectancy has been extended.


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