Bravilor’s Bolero 11 range of table-top machines offers a hot chocolate at the touch of a button and is described as being ideal for all beverage-offering locations.

The compact single-canister Bolero 11, 11F and BS are all equipped with special mixing systems that add a crème layer and feature an advanced hot water system.

The standard Bolero 11 machine has one canister with a capacity of approximately 3kgs, and allows the user to choose from either a cup, half or full decanter by making a selection from the push-button menu.

The Bolero 11F is recommended for sites requiring higher volumes; while the BS offers the option of use with either a cup or a mug. The size of both the cup and the mug are adjustable and can be set by the operator.

All the machines can be branded, and in most cases can be connected directly to an incoming water supply. If that is not possible the 11M has a built in water pump that allows the machine to be connected to a water canister, and the 11M/T includes a water tank on the side that can be manually filled when required.

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