Brulines Fuel Solutions (BFS) has concluded a contract with Top 50 Indie Brobot Petroleum, to move the 23-strong group’s fuel monitoring from traditional statistical inventory reconciliation (SIR) to continuous fuel monitoring (CFM).

Where SIR shows what has happened to fuel stocks, CFM records pump meter readings and tank levels literally every few seconds, 24/7, to accurately and quickly identify the smallest of losses due to leaks as well negative trends in meter drift and flow rates. Combined with features such as overnight theft monitoring and temperature analysis, CFM is said to bring tangible reductions in fuel loss.

The new arrangement confirms a long-standing relationship between the two companies. Brobot, which operates Jet-branded sites across the East Midlands and Yorkshire, has used Edensure’s SIR’s wet-stock service since 2006, and in October 2008 Edensure became part of Brulines Group.

Eddie Bright, director of Brobot, said: "We have had a long relationship with Edensure and this continues with Brulines Fuel Solutions. However, we recognised that changes in technology and some new players in the wet-stock management market meant we should consider all options available to us.

"Following trials with other companies, we felt that the new BFS CFM service was the future of wet-stock management. Additionally, we can see that the broader BFS offer includes a number of elements that could be of interest to us in the future, particularly their facilities and compliance management services."

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