Dog Wash Sales has introduced a lower-cost dog washing machine, following the launch of the first dog wash in the UK in early 2003.

The company says that simpler working parts have led to greater reliability and cheaper servicing costs. The new machine is priced at £7,250 plus delivery.

“The Dogwash MkII has been developed in response to suggestions that we received at the International Fuel and Forecourt Exhibition (IFFE) in March,” said Michael Cornford of Dog Wash Sales.

“The major changes are to the dog access system and the price.

“The lifting table is an expensive object to manufacture,” he adds.

“It is only useful for raising the height of small dogs. The new machine has a simple ramp system to facilitate the dog entry. This is a far better method for large dogs, which are our core customers.

“Since IFFE in March considerable progress has been made. The dog wash concept has matured and we now believe it is a serious way of generating extra revenue for the forecourt industry.”

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