MagneCap is targeting forecourts with its latest advertising method - which also aims to help drivers avoid misfuelling.

The MagneCap system helps advertisers catch customers’ attention with an eye-line platform to promote products and services.

Designed to cut the estimated 1.5 million misfuelling incidents in the UK every year, it uses specially-designed petrol caps with magnetic bases which are placed on base units next to pumps.

Only unleaded caps stick to unleaded pumps and diesel caps to diesel pumps. As well as clearly showing the type of fuel in each pump, the base units offer prime space for potential advertisers.

Evian and Volvic water manufacturer Danone and Cadbury Schweppes have already signed up to place ads, while Morrisons supermarket and dealers supplied by brands such as Gulf, Texaco, BP, Jet, Murco and Esso have installed the system.

MagneCap chairman, Tony Miceli, says: "This offers companies the perfect opportunity to get their products in the minds of potential customers before they go into the store to pay for their fuel.

"And the flexible contracts and affordable rates mean it’s hard to see why advertisers wouldn’t want to use this exciting new opportunity."

There are six different sizes of advertising spaces available from 200m x 200m to 145mm x 360mm.

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