Petroman Environmental Services is launching a simple-to-fit new device that prevents atmospheric water getting into fuel storage tanks and aggravating biofuel problems.

Water often gets into even modern, well-maintained fuel storage tanks, and the reason, according to Rodney Carter, managing director of Petroman, is rain and other atmospheric moisture entering via vent pipes.

He said conventional caps on vent pipes are not capable of stopping all rain or atmospheric moisture from entering, and this then feeds down into tanks.

The new vent pipe caps, he said, stop water ingress, reducing a raft of biofuel problems in petrol and diesel.

Petroman can install the new caps on a complete set of vent pipes in less than an hour, with no disruption to forecourt operation.

Carter said: "The caps are simple devices with nothing to go wrong, but to perform properly they must be set up properly and aligned in the correct manner."

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