Eco Technical Services is offering a range of solutions to convert car washes to full or partial water recycling.

The company is the UK agent for Austrian manufacturer Freylit and says it can install their systems on almost any machine, adapting them to suit the requirements of both individual retailers and car wash suppliers. The systems are fully self-contained and start at around £6,000.

The first unit, a Freylit CHVTP 200, was recently installed at a BP site in Sutton, Surrey.

The system has converted the existing interceptor tanks and silt-separating tanks for recycled water and can supply 200 litres a minute.

Eco Technical Services can also install Freylit’s Ekolit range, which features an additional automatic backflush system and costs from £6,500.

Director Ken Kohut says: "The main advantage these systems have over others is that they don’t have any consumable filters or need chemicals to be added. They are very easy to maintain."

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