Istobal is celebrating the second anniversary of the launch of its M18+ five-brush rollover car wash, one of which was recently installed at the GH Griffiths, Cowbridge Road Service Station in Bridgend.

The machine replaced an old M12 machine and site manager Brett Griffiths, (pictured left with Istobal’s UK sales manager for the south, Roger Higley), said: "We’ve seen a significant increase in customers using the wash compared to the previous three-brush machine. Revenues have increased and some weeks have been as high as £2,000.

"We can offer a range of high-specification programmes including triple foam and high-pressure pre-wash, but because the machine is faster we can increase throughput and charge more too."

Managing director Huw Griffiths said he expected to see a full return on investment within six months: "Even though the car wash cost more than a standard unit, it will pay for itself a lot quicker."

Istobal is also trialling a new ’text2mail’ service, which gives customers access to a digital version of its latest catalogue by email within 60 seconds of making a request.

Text ’carwash’ followed by your email address to 62299.

01299 253556