The world’s largest independent ATM operator, Cardtronics, has announced it is ramping up measures to counter the increasing number of attacks on its machines.

Data from the European Association for Secure Transactions shows that the UK suffers from more than 50% of European ATM crime despite having only 15% of the region’s machines.

Cardtronics operates machines in the UK under the Cashzone, Bank Machine, DC Payments and Omnicash brands.

The new crime prevention programme, running under the Secure ATM brand, includes a range of measures that make it increasingly difficult for criminals to remove cash from the ATM, rendering any cash that is stolen useless and tracking stolen money with devices which lead police to those responsible. The programme started 12 months ago with SmartWater spray technology being added to Cashzone ATMs in Co-op food stores, and was the first example of this system being used within cash machines.

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