The Jigsaw Eclipse fuel island system from commercial fuelling specialist Cameron Forecourt has successfully completed UK Weights & Measures certification, substantially broadening its scope for potential users.

The Jigsaw Eclipse is the front-end record and dispense fuel island terminal at the centre of Cameron Forecourt’s web-based fuel management systems. The new accreditation follows hardware and software testing and evaluation by the National Measurement Office.

Until now, owners of fuelling islands equipped with the system have only been able to dispense fuel for their own vehicles, not for resale. The new accreditation opens the way to dispense and sell fuel to third parties.

The approval covers the new Jigsaw Eclipse SSD – Self Service Device – terminal and a broad selection of personal and vehicle identification and authorisation devices for the system including magnetic cards, RFID tags, iButton touch key reader, radio-linked bar code readers, nozzle-based tag reader and manual input of details via a keypad. The unit can also be fitted with an optional receipt printer to provide details of transactions and serve as a record to match against fuel invoices to third parties.

Cameron Forecourt believes the latest development paves the way for multi-user agreements for local authorities, the emergency services, transport companies and other organisations bunkering their own fuel supplies.

It allows for the sale of fuel to other companies and organisations, such as local authorities to allow police, ambulance or fire authorities to use the same facility while conforming to the requirements of VAT regulations.

It also means that companies can now sell fuel to local account customers, such as a fuel distribution depot selling gas oil to local farmers or vehicle hire companies while remaining compliant with Weights & Measures.

The information generated by the system is also valid for use when invoicing third parties, such as contractors, for fuel drawn.

Users can also install the system with any type of MID (Measuring Instrument Directive) dispensing pump, with each Jigsaw Eclipse capable of controlling up to four dispense units simultaneously.

Cameron Forecourt sales and marketing director Martyn Gent explains: “The new Jigsaw Eclipse SSD can be deployed anywhere there is a need for a system that is fully compliant with the requirements of National Weights & Measures. It opens up new commercial opportunities for companies and organisations who invest in our fuel management systems.”

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