Customers can charge their mobile in minutes while filling up, by using a new supercharger.

OneCharge is said to charge 99% of mobile phone batteries, digital camera and PDA batteries.It is operated by inserting £1 for a 10 minute charge which will half- or quarter-charge a mobile phone; or £2 for a 25-minute charge.

"We’ve all experienced being cut off half way through a phone call and the dread of being miles away from home and not being able charge it," said managing director of UK distributor Speeron, Stephen McNicholas. "Not any more, because you will soon be able to charge items at your nearest petrol station forecourt."

Onecharge uses a ’cool charge’ method which prevents the battery from over-heating and also repairs damaged cells within the battery which allows the battery to hold a longer charge.

Machines are installed in more than 10,000 sites worldwide. It can operate as a shared revenue split with Speeron UK or on a lease basis.

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