Secure Retail has introduced a new chip and pin terminal for unattended point of sale applications such as kiosks and petrol pumps.

The Dione Secura Integration Module incorporates Secure Retail’s newly-patented SecuraCell technology for extra protection against fraud. Its tamper-resistant and tamper responsive enclosure is designed to meet the most stringent pin security standards.

The module also offers maximum flexibility in that it is available with both a chip and magnetic stripe reader built in, or with the chip reader only. The smart card interface is EMV 4.0 Level 1 approved and has an illuminated and tamper responsive card slot to prevent the use of pin-disclosing bugs or snooping devices. The magnetic card reader interface also allows the connection of an external magnetic read head for fallback. And in line with guidelines for the partially-sighted and hard of hearing, the ‘5’, CNL and ENT keys have tactile identifiers and a beeper for audio feedback.

The standard unit comes with an RJ45 serial interface with TXD, RXD, CTS, RTS, DTR and DCD and one reduced-function RJ45 serial interface with TXD, RXD, CTS and RTS.

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