Car wash specialist Wilcomatic is rolling out the new Christ direct-drive system, which is available on its Varius, Genius and Primus models.

By removing gearboxes entirely, the equipment is more reliable, efficient and easier to service and, depending on the brush material, power consumption is 30% lower.

The direct drive can alter its rotation speed, so higher speeds can be used for areas with heavy dirt, such as the sides, while delicate areas, such as mirrors, can be washed at slower speeds.

The variable speeds are especially useful for the roof brush, as it can be run at 300rpm to get rid of excess water prior to drying, which will stop dripping during the drying process.

Differing speed requirements for different textiles can also be accommodated by simply altering the motor speed, which means brushes can be upgraded without changing gearboxes.

Other advances include smoother pressure from the side brushes, the fact that direct drive results in a much more robust machine and brushes can now be switched to rotate in the opposite direction 10 seconds faster than with gearboxes, saving up to one minute per wash.

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