Vehicle wash specialist Wilcomatic is introducing the Christ Wheel Master wheel washing system, which automatically adapts to clean both standard wheels and larger ones on the biggest 4x4s, regardless of axle height.

The system uses a normal-size brush, suitable for the average car, and equips it with an up and down motor which, coupled with the car-wash gantry’s forward and backward movement, lets the brush, and its high-pressure jets, navigate around the larger wheel for the perfect wheel clean whatever its size. Integral sensors control the brush movement to exactly match the profile of the wheel, to clean thoroughly while protecting the vehicle’s paintwork.

Wilcomatic managing director, Kevin Pay, explained: "Customers often say that getting wheels clean is a priority if they are going to compete with the local hand car wash, but this is made increasingly difficult by the popularity of large 4x4s as family vehicles, which can have alloy wheels of up to 22 inches that traditional rollover machines just can’t clean.

The Wheel Master is a simple but clever adaptation which allows a complete wheel wash whatever the size of the car."

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