FT Costa contactless

Costa Express has announced that it is rolling out a mobile contactless ordering system across more than 9,000 machines nationwide this autumn.

The new contactless ordering feature has been rolled out via the Costa Coffee Club app, and will enable customers to order their drink from their mobile phone, so they won’t need to touch the screen of the coffee machine.

Existing account holders will already be able to access the feature, and customers wanting to try the new way of ordering will need to download the latest version of the app, where they will then find the mobile contactless ordering system already enabled.

Users scan the QR code, which is located on the Costa Express machine to browse the options available and select their drink.

Managing director, Scott Martin at Costa Express, said: “Costa Express is synonymous with exceptional coffee on-the-go, so we’re delighted to roll out this state-of-the-art mobile contactless ordering system, which ultimately demonstrates our position as the category leader in intelligent coffee.

“Costa Express Free Coffee Day demonstrated how hard we’ve worked to revolutionise the self-serve experience. Unfortunately for us, we were tarnished by poor perceptions of vend; stale coffee, powdery hot chocolate and why on earth was soup from a machine ever an option? Customers from all over the country are blown away by the quality of our product and during these uncertain times, their daily coffee run has proven to be all that more important as they try to include a bit of normal in their routine.

“The technology is nothing short of a gold-standard level of innovation – a UK first for the coffee machine industry - and we’re proud to lead the charge as our customers enjoy a new and exciting way to order their favourite machine crafted, barista quality coffee.”