Volumatic offers a comprehensive range of forgery detectors. You can see just some of them on stand S127.

For example, the BV30 is a compact, portable, multi-currency forgery detector with advanced forgery detection technology. The BV30 has passed the Bank of England’s Framework test for banknote machines, which means it will reject all known forgeries in circulation. The BV30 can also be used to support the Local Recycling Code of Conduct for users wishing to self-fill ATMs and self-checkouts.

Meanwhile, Volumatic says the new CountEasy TS delivers greater cash handling efficiencies than any other count-by-weight scale in the world. And yet it is so simple to operate that your staff will need virtually no training. The high-resolution, full-colour TFT screen only displays those functions that you need, when you need them. Universally recognisable iconography and intuitive design mean that complex functions can be performed easily. Six times faster than counting by hand, the CountEasy TS is ideal for speeding up spot checks, cash lifts, banking, shift changes and end-of-day reconciliation.