Dried fruit and nut snacks firm Cranberry Enterprise is launching its own Twist & Taste dispenser system on to the UK market.

Cranberry Enterprise says it is suitable for businesses such as service stations, airport lounges, hospitals, retailers, cinemas and gyms, and is aimed at retailers who want to offer a healthy grab-and-go option.

It will also give customers the chance to create their own unique flavours and combinations, from the 48 different products available.

Each dispenser is single use, thereby guaranteeing freshness and, as a result of the sealed system, the first time the nuts or fruit are touched is when the consumer eats them. Once emptied a dispenser is removed, recycled and replaced. This lowers any contamination risk and removes the need for cleaning.

Cranberry Enterprise director Trevor Stroud said: "Making great food that is healthy and delicious, while making it even easier for busy customers to enjoy food on the move, is a major driving force behind the Cranberry brand, and this new development delivers on both fronts.

"By serving the grab-and-go market we are confident consumers will embrace the unique possibilities of combining our nutritious snacks, giving them more choice than is possible with pre-packed bags. Vendors will be able to benefit by creating a real point of difference, capitalising on impulse purchases in the food-to-go market, which as a whole for 2015 was valued at £20.2bn.

"Cranberry initially began its journey as a pick ’n’ mix stall for dried fruit and nuts in London in 1995. Since then the company has dramatically expanded and evolved, but hasn’t deserted its roots, and our dispense system is living proof of that."

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