When forecourt fuel spills occur, a quick and easy clean up is of paramount importance from both a health and safety and a housekeeping perspective.

Up to now it has been standard practice for any fuel spill to be treated firstly by putting sand on it, then clearing this into a bucket later for safe disposal. Not only does this cause the lane to be out of action but also customers may be tramping contaminated sand remnants into your store and into their cars.

Active Fuel Spill Digester, available from Tate Business Group, is described as the best way to deal with fuel spills both from a safety and an environmental point of view. The company’s business development manager, Teresa Morris, said: "The Active Fuel Spill Digester does exactly what is says in its name. It eats fuel spills. In each bottle of concentrated solution, there are literally millions upon millions of naturally occurring hydrocarbon eating bacteria together with specially engineered enzymes that assist them in eating the fuel.

"When diluted with water at 10 litres of water to one litre of Fuel Digester, and liberally sprayed around the periphery of the fuel spill to contain it, and then onto the fuel spill itself, the enzymes and the bacteria work together to digest the liquid hydrocarbon fuels, of whatever type, and render it non-flammable in just 90 seconds. The only by-products of all this work by the bacteria and their enzymes are water and carbon dioxide."

Fuel Spill Digester 1ltr costs £19.99 plus VAT.

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