An epos-linked, coin-dispensing unit - the Transact Coin Dispenser - which has enabled US forecourt operators to save money and improve speed of service in their stores, is being launched in the UK by Oxfordshire-based Llexan Systems.

Andy Malnick, the company’s general manager, said not only do coin dispensers increase profits by getting more customers through the checkout process faster, they also reduce cashier error and improve staff productivity.

"Forecourt operators in the US have said that because of the cash management system within the coin dispenser, they have had no employee theft; the customers get the right coin change; and because of the calibration strips on the unit, it takes about one minute to cash up.

"The units are small, easily installed at the checkout, inexpensive - at less than £1,000 - robust, and electronically linked directly to every till transaction.

"In an increasingly competitive marketplace, coin dispensers have a positive contribution to make to a forecourt business," he said.

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