Display design and manufacturer AG Neovo has launched a high-end SX and RX range of security specific monitors.

The Taiwanese company, which has UK offices in Manchester and Buckinghamshire, says the LCD displays are designed for security-sensitive areas in retail outlets.

The SX-Series comes in three sizes - the 19" SX-19, 17" SX-17 and 15" SX-15 - which all offer features which AG Neovo says are not found in other security displays -such as vivid 1280 x 1024 resolution (only available on the SX-17 and SX-19 displays), and a wide viewing angle of 170°.

The AG Neovo SX-Series can be configured using a wide range of video connections and selectable signal sources, including analogue, digital, and composite. Both colour and black and white signalling are supported, and the displays are compatible with NTSC/PAL/SECAM and PC protocols.

The LCD from the AG Neovo SX-Series includes AG Neovo’s NeoV glass, a cutting-edge "optical glass" technology that enhances image quality and protects the LCD glass from scratching making the SX displays sturdy enough to handle any environment. Prices start at £499.99 inc VAT.

"Security surveillance is definitely a key application that has continued to grow and diversify," comments Kyd Wang, marketing manager of AG Neovo’s global marketing."

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