As compliance with the new Disability Discrimination Act dawns, Horton Automatics is recommending retailers take a look at its range of swing and sliding doors.

The company’s sales director Adrian Chamberlain says many products available from Horton Automatics offer reliable and economic solutions for easy access to and egress from buildings as well as trouble-free movement of people within a structure.

“With the deadline for compliance fast approaching for public buildings, many companies and organisations will need to ensure that their facilities meet the requirements of the Act,” he says.

Newly introduced by Horton Automatics is a slimline range of EasySlide door packages, which the company claims combine economy, performance and innovative features.

“These are belt-driven units with advanced microprocessor control which can accommodate varying traffic patterns, as well as options for safety and security of operation,” says Chamberlain.

Standard door packages up to 2.4 metres wide are available with single-slide opening, and up to 4.8m wide for bi-part operation. Standard breakout mechanisms can also be included if required.

Automatic operation of both single and double internal swing doors can also be achieved with the ‘universal swing’ door mechanism. This is described as a low-energy operator designed for easy installation on new and existing doors up to 68kg in weight. “Both automatic and manual operation can be accommodated, making this an ideal unit for conversion of swing doors into barrier-free entrances,” says Chamberlain. For heavier doors, the 7000 and 4000 door operators can be supplied.

The Horton ‘Push-N-Go’ actuator ensures door operation when pushed.

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