Dresser Wayne is bringing two new hi-tech products to the market this spring which it says are both aimed at UK independents.

The Global Star V is the latest version of the company’s hi-tech Global Star petrol pump.

According to Annika Birkler, Dresser Wayne product manager - dispensers, the Global Star is the company’s main product for the European market and the phase five has many improvements over previous versions. These include improved usability, with a new retraction principle for better handling of the hose, and clearer displays for volume and cost.

Birkler added: "For the retailer there is better serviceability, with easier access to parts and new solutions inside the pump that make maintenance more efficient. We’ve also simplified it so there is only one model instead of two - previously we offered two heights of dispenser, at 2.2m and 1.63m. The Global Star V measures approximately 2m tall and comes with the option of a 3m or 4m hose. It also has a sleeker, more modern design while the displays have LED backlights that are only 50% lit when not in use - so making it more energy efficient. Meanwhile, the footprint is the same as before so it doesn’t take up any more room on the forecourt."

Dresser Wayne’s second launch is the Fusion Universal Site Controller, a hardware appliance that aims to help retailers control many functions of a forecourt in one single box, getting rid of the need for multiple devices. The company says it "delivers complete site control by connecting multiple devices from a wide variety of vendors across all aspects of your organisation".

It uses the company’s iX Technology Platform and can be used with more than 25 pump brands for centralised, remote fuel dispenser management. It offers remote access to forecourt, payment, sales, maintenance and marketing systems with multi-site monitoring. It also simplifies maintenance as it can be used to recognise and remotely repair equipment.

According to Dresser Wayne’s product manager - systems, Mirko Spagnolatti, there is also more marketing potential with the iX Media’s capabilities allowing retailers to show customised colour promotions at the pump as well as co-ordinating these with displays in-store. He said: "This product will be especially useful for independents as it will simplify operations while addressing the issues of connecting multiple suppliers’ products to one box."

Both pieces of equipment will be launched in the next couple of months. The company says pricing will be released at the same time. The products will also be on display at the Dresser Wayne stand at IFFE - D39 in Hall 7.

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