Fuel dispenser and technology provider Dresser Wayne has formed a partnership with the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI).

The company will be RMI’s exclusive partner for forecourt equipment and maintenance, offering its services and equipment to the 5,000 independent fuel retailers represented by RMI.

Dresser Wayne sales manager Soren Powell-Holse said: "Our partnership with RMI reflects Dresser Wayne’s strong commitment to supporting independent retailers by providing them with industry-leading forecourt maintenance service and equipment at competitive prices. We are pleased to have earned RMI’s stamp of approval and we look forward to meeting its members’ needs."

RMI members will receive preferred rates from Dresser Wayne when they sign up for maintenance services in conjunction with renewing their memberships.

Julian Phillips, head of commercial services for RMI, said: "RMI exists to serve our members’ best interests in a variety of ways and Dresser Wayne supports that by making it possible for us to offer them outstanding forecourt services and products at very attractive prices."

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