Forecourt equipment specialist Durapipe UK has added an electrical conduit solution to its PLX portfolio which it claims is an industry first.

PLX Electrical Conduit is an external barrier pipe that protects conveyed cables from potential fuel spillages and leaks within forecourt applications.

Unlike existing options, which comprise an internal barrier, the new PLX conduit is specifically designed to prevent any fuel from entering the pipework from the external environment.

The new PLX Electrical Conduit has been designed with a double bonded five-layer construction, which comprises an internal black polyethylene (PE) host pipe and an impermeable aluminium barrier, which stops the ingress of any contaminants that may be present in the ground, and an outer orange PE protection layer, along with two adhesive tie layers.

The conduit can be jointed using both compression fittings and electrofusion fittings. Durapipe also says the rigid nature of the product helps aid installation when utilising pipe coils, ensuring that pipe runs have minimal movement once unrolled on site, when compared with alternative conduit options available.

Durapipe has also ensured that the internal host pipe is produced from 100% recycled material through utilising previously unused material from internal production.

Commenting on the launch of the new system, PLX product manager Rich Pedley said: “Our customers have approached us to produce a PLX pipe that would be suitable for cable ducting, and orange in colour to meet industry standards. However, we did not feel that was the most appropriate solution. We are continually looking to bring innovation to the fuel industry and we believe our unique offering of an external barrier conduit is a more robust, safe and high performing solution for this application.

“By installing a true external barrier conduit, end clients can be confident they are future proofing their forecourt operations by ensuring cables are protected from any fuel spillages or leaks that may occur.

“We are very excited about our latest product introduction. We have already had requests for the product before it was launched so we are expecting high demand for the product now it is available.”

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