Durapipe UK is expanding PLX, its specialist fuel conveyance pipework system, with the launch of PLX Blue, a plastic pipework system specifically designed to transport AdBlue fuel in forecourts and other transport refuelling applications.

As AdBlue is becoming more widely used within diesel fuelled vehicles, especially HGVs and tractors, PLX Blue enhances Durapipe’s existing offering, providing a solution to convey AdBlue around forecourts, from tank to pump.

Designed to lower fuel costs and exhaust emissions, in order to meet European emissions standards, AdBlue is available in selected forecourts across Europe and internationally, and is set to continue PLX’s presence in the forecourt industry.

Suitable for the variety of applications required in a forecourt, from pressure and suction systems, to offset fill and vent pipework and tank chamber connection, PLX Blue is adaptable in any project requiring a reliable pipework system is fitted.

Made from a specialised high grade polyethylene, a high quality material that is extremely robust, PLX Blue will safely carry the substance around forecourts, without fear of the fuel leaking into the environment. The product’s durable properties also provide a design life of more than 30 years, with little maintenance required during the lifetime of the product.

PLX Blue is available in sizes from 32mm to 63mm, in both single wall and dual contained options. The pipework is lightweight and allows for a simple installation process using an electrofusion jointing system.

David Naylor, brand manager for PLX, commented: "The addition of PLX Blue to the range means that Durapipe UK can now fulfil all pipework requirements of a forecourt, providing a one-stop solution for contractors and suppliers looking for a complete portfolio of pipework products."

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