Durapipe’e PLX pipework system is being used at Westmorland’s Gloucester Service Station, a £40m project to construct two new service stations on the M5 between J11a and J12.

Lynx Forecourt was tasked with delivering the project and, for the pipework element of the build project, it turned to forecourt equipment supplier, Berrys Fuelling Technologies.

Durapipe PLX was specified for the project as it could cater for all of the required pipework for such a large-scale project. With 11 fuel dispensing islands distributing petrol and diesel for supply to cars and LCVs, and diesel and AdBlue for HGVs, a network of pipes needed to be installed to distribute the different fuels across the forecourt dispensing points.

Six underground storage tanks have been installed to hold the petrol, diesel and AdBlue fuels. Durapipe Dual Contained PLX was used to connect to the tank outlets and pump fuel to the dispensers. Dual Contained PLX Fill and Vent pipe has been supplied for the offset fill lines to improve flow and reduce UST fill time. PLX Dual Contained pipe was also used for the vapour recovery lines to safely transfer fuel vapour from the dispensers to the underground storage tanks.

Tom Hocking, sales director of Berrys Fuelling Technologies, said: "We needed a pipework manufacturer and a system solution we could trust and we never considered anything other than Durapipe PLX. Offering a one-stop-shop solution for us, Durapipe PLX was able to fulfil all of the requirements for the job, which was a big advantage on this project."

The northbound Gloucester service station was completed in summer 2014 and has seen 30,000 visitors a week pass through it.

Work has now commenced on the £27m project to construct the southbound service station, with Durapipe’s PLX system being installed to cater for the complete range of fuel supply requirements.

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