Panasonic System Solutions has unveiled its latest range of equipment including CCTV, IP cameras and EPoS solutions, as well as iris recognition and digital signage.

An innovative solution for the retail sector is the company’s WINICS Retail software – which can link till transaction data with employee activity as recorded from CCTV cameras, to help tackle fraud from both staff and customers. The solution works by using the relevant EPoS data and specific CCTV evidence, which can be tracked down to location, cashier, transaction and time. The search facility allows users to look for recordings based on a number of parameters, including product, operator, voids, refunds and sales trends.

The software allows data to be analysed by local, area or head office management at any location using a router over a Wide Area Network.

With security forming the bulk of the product portfolio, Panasonic’s latest surveillance cameras include the Super Dynac III Series. First introduced in 1997, Super Dynamic technology enables Panasonic cameras to capture top quality images even in harsh lighting conditions.

The first two models in the range are the WV-CP480 Colour Fixed Camera (pictured) and a Colour Dome Camera, which are said to offer 24-hour surveillance with unprecedented realism. Intelligent processing means that the cameras can think and act independently, for example Automatic Back Focus adjusts focus when switching from colour to monochrome operation, ensuring continuous delivery of clear, sharp images day or night.

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