Lincat has added two powerful new fryers with built-in oil filtration to its heavy duty Opus 700 cooking equipment range. The new products are designed to save money by extending the life of cooking oil by up to 50%.

The fryers are variants of the popular Opus 700 electric models - the 22 kw OE7108 and the 2x12 kw OE7113. Lincat says they offer exceptional output, reliability and rapid recovery, with a rrp of £3,845 for the OE7108/F single tank and £3,965 for the OE7113/F twin tank model.

The filtration system drains the oil from the tank through the primary filter to remove the largest particles and cooking debris. At the push of a button, the oil is then pumped through a SuperSorb carbon pad filter which can remove smaller particles before being pumped back into the tank ready for use. According to the company, the whole process takes between four and six minutes for a full tank of oil.

"Cooking oil lasts longer if it is filtered daily," says Nick McDonald, Lincat marketing and export director. "However if done manually it can be an unpleasant and even hazardous operation. Potential risks arise from the manual handling of oil, including burning."

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