Valera is introducing a new slimline version of its popular remote multi-deck range of refrigeration equipment, which is suitable for dairy products, food-on-the-go, fruit and vegetables or fresh, pre-packed meat products.

The unit has been designed to fit through a standard doorway, but without compromising on capacity and product display. At 750mm deep the cabinet features 400mm deep shelves and six levels of display. It can be supplied with either glass or mirrored end walls, and comes in a choice of colour trims. Other standard features are solenoid valve, expansion valve, piping to the top of the unit and a night blind. The unit also has horizontal and vertical lighting to ensure products are displayed to their full potential.

The remote condensing unit enables the freeing up of space in the cabinet and reduces heat and noise emissions front-of-house. It also has a low front which the company claims gives 30% more product display. Its electronic controller and temperature readout ensure total compliance with current hygiene regulations.

In common with its larger forerunner, the Slimline Remote Multideck can be multiplexed to create any length of display and is available with a multitude of extras to suit individual applications.

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