Advanced wet-stock management service provider, Edensure, has launched a ’500 times-a-day’ campaign to promote its ES3 service, which records forecourt data around 500 times a day. The company is also challenging the rest of the industry to fall in line with the high data reconciliation standards it has set.

Martin McTague, managing director of Edensure, says: "Other UK wet-stock management providers are currently reading forecourt data at a fraction of the rate of ES3, meaning there is a huge gap between the accuracy of our service and other brands in the market-place. We’re letting retailers know there is now an alternative to routine wet-stock loss - and our competitors, that there is a new benchmark for the industry. The 500 times-a-day figure is a statistic we would like the petrol retail industry to get used to. At the moment, forecourts in the UK are unnecessarily losing an average of £15,000 each, per year, that we could help them to save. If every forecourt installed ES3, we could be saving the industry millions of pounds."

The ES3 service is remotely managed and provides owners and managers with detailed information, which can help them tackle problem areas, such as over-dispensing pumps and supplier tanks that under-deliver. The service costs £130-a-month, plus VAT.

The ’500 times-a-day’ campaign involves advertising and a mailout to 2,000 UK independent petrol retailers.

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