February sees the launch of a new remote wet stock management service targeted at independents, called Edensure ES3. Martin McTague, managing director of Edensure Ltd, describes it as the most advanced wet stock management service available in the UK, designed to help independents tackle the huge problems of wet stock loss, be it through leaks, temperature shrinkage, over-dispensation or short deliveries.

“Fuel loss, particularly through hot fuel, can be a huge problem for many retailers, but it’s hard to pin down, because up till now there have been limited solutions available,” he said. “The difference with our system is that it has an unrivalled level of accuracy, empowering dealers with precise information. It is a remote monitoring service that typically can take up to 500 samples a day. With this number of readings, it is able to more accurately pinpoint a problem.”

Edensure ES3 is described as a ‘third’ generation wet stock management system, which has been developed through an exclusive partnership with Warren Rogers Associates, inventors of the daily wet stock reconciliation system 20 years ago.

ES3 is accredited by the National Weights and Measures, and is very easy to install, according to McTague: “Prices start at around £130 per month per site. It has been piloted at eight sites in the UK and 500 sites in the USA. Typical savings for retailers have been in the region of £15,000 a year.”

Westbridge Motors, a 6.5 million litres-a-year city-centre site in Northampton, was one of the first forecourts in the UK to install Edensure ES3. Managing director Nick Brocklehurst said: “The installation was very straightforward and we realised the benefits almost immediately. We discovered that we were significantly over-metering on five unleaded hoses, so we recalibrated the affected pumps and made instant savings.

“We then found we were able to identify discrepancies between actual product delivered, compared with the ordered and invoiced volumes. The fact we had an independent wet stock analysis gave us more credibility to approach our suppliers.”


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