Forecourt operators are having to be extra careful about any potential risks on their sites as the rise of no win no fee lawyers leads to more and more claims, warns sign installation and maintenance firm Xmo Strata.

To help counter this threat it has told its employees and sub contractors that if they see anything on a site that could cause an injury, they should fix it immediately, and if this is not possible they must report it to head office so the company can advise its client.

Xmo Strata says that in the first two months of 2014 the company’s site teams reported, addressed and/or mitigated more hazards at source than ever before in the same period. There were 98 ’hazard spots’, and two identified near misses. The risk was eliminated in 43 cases, and brought to the attention of others in 52 cases.

"Unless it amounts to a major, costly structural issue we fix most hazards on site immediately and with no additional cost to the client," said managing director Steve Martin.

"It’s an added value for dealing with Xmo Strata and when clients are facing greater legal peril than ever before, it’s an attractive one."

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