A contactless payment key fob, and a thin oval-shaped wristband are just two of the payment possibilities enabled by Texas Instruments (TI) Incorporated’s contactless payment chip and antenna packages.

TI has delivered its postage stamp-sized inlay in PVC pre-laminate form to Oberthur Card Systems for development of its VersaFOB keyfob, and its oval-shaped payment product to MasterCard for its PayPass wristband.

The company designs its contactless PVC pre-laminates in a range of keyfob and wristbands so that card manufacturers can offer payment devices to issuers in a variety of shapes and sizes. TI’s contactless payment technology supports credit, debit and pre-paid transactions.

"The release of the industry’s smallest payment products, fully MasterCard PayPass certified, brings new versatility to the contactless payments industry," says Trevor Pavey, manager of contactless payments, TI.

"The ways to pay via contactless come in devices of limitless variety. Our ability to develop RF antennas the size of a 10p coin, combined with our PayPass-certified chip and software, leads the way for new small form factors."

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