Wilcomatic is launching Protect Shine Xpress from the Christ Car Care range, for use with rollover car washes, to give an enhanced shine to cleaned vehicles.

As vehicle finishes wear, they lose their original shine through becoming roughed up from normal dust and grit from the road. This means light no longer reflects evenly across the surface. Protect Shine Xpress fills in the micro-ruts and tiny scratches to reinstate the evenness of the surface and restore the original shine.

Protect Shine Xpress is a polish, applied like wax and gently massaged into the paint surfaces by an additional brush pass.

Wilcomatic managing director, Kevin Pay, said: "Protect Shine Xpress is showing amazing results of a lasting shine and brilliant lustre. Customers will notice a significant difference.

"It also offers retailers a real opportunity to increase interest in their wash, upgrade their car wash menus and increase the price of their top wash programme through the introduction of this fantastic new product. To assist with the launch of Protect Shine Xpress, innovative marketing material will be made available to retailers looking to upgrade their offer."

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